The Cloud Silk Eye Mask

The Cloud Silk Eye Mask

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Dr Coleman says: 
If you're someone, like me, who likes to sleep and wake in complete darkness then this is for you, particularly when travelling. A holiday can be ruined by flimsy curtains allowing in the sunshine at dawn ! An added bonus is that it is fully reversible.

Good for Sleep: 
Double the thickness of other silk sleep masks means extra comfort for a cloud-like sleep experience. The size and design means a complete black-out experience without feeling anything heavy on your face.

Good For Skin: 
Dermatologists recommend silk as it is both hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, so it’s skin-protective.

Good to Know: 
The Cloud Silk Sleep Mask is fully reversible – black or ivory, to match your mood. It is packaged in its own moire drawstring bag, which is perfect for travelling.

Size: Luxury 11.5cm x 22cm (4.5in x 8.5in)
Colour: Ivory/Black reverse

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