Colour Cosmetics

Whilst it's marvellous to see so many skincare products contain sun protection at last, please don't get a false sense of security and think that all the protection you need will be in your colour cosmetic eg foundation !

This is because the amount of product needed to provide the level of protection stated on the label eg SPF30, will be far more than what is used in this situation eg who applies half a teaspoon of foundation to their face ??! Therefore, I like to use these products as part of a layered approach to sun protection or for top ups during the day eg the fabulous Colorscience brushes.

Topping up your sun protection with these tinted moisturiser/sun blocks is a great way to maintain protection without losing colour/coverage. Noone wants to put a white cream on top of makeup !

After all, if you're going to be applying a Lip gloss, why not use one with invisible 6.6% Zinc Oxide and SPF35, such as our Colorscience Lip shines in lovely warm natural tones. If you prefer deeper coloured lipsticks, just apply your protective lip shine on top !

Colour Cosmetics
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