Oily / Breakout Prone

Oily skin is a combination of excessive shine, enlarged pores and frequent blemishes caused by an overproduction of sebum.

The key is keeping the skin as clean as possible without drying it out, so it's all about finding products with the right ingredients — specifically, clarifying and oil-controlling, which are essential to regulating the production of sebum within the skin.

That means lightweight, non-comedogenic serums and moisturisers that can be used alongside gentle cleansers for optimum skin health.

However, these treatments compliment medical treatments for full blown acne, which can scar, so don't delay getting medical advice if you are suffering from frequent breakouts.

Oily / Breakout Prone
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Dr. Coleman says
If you can't use a retinol you must try Bakuchiol Serum. 

This light oil-based serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, while improving overall skin texture and tone.

Who it's for
This light, hydrating serum is the ultimate alternative for those who can’t tolerate retinol, such as myself and about 30% of the population, and also for pregnant or nursing women. 

It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.  read more...


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