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Exfoliation is important for optimum skin health and can be a very satisfying part of your skincare regimen, as it can give instant results with enhanced smoothness and radiance  – the key is to make sure you don’t overdo it. Although our skin naturally sheds itself its outer layer, it’s a process that slows down as we age.

Giving the skin a helping hand with scrubs or acid peels is the key to revealing brighter, smoother skin, allowingith so many options now available, it pays to become well-versed in which method best suits your skin for optimum results – and to avoid any damage. Once a week is usually sufficient so why not nominate a specific day for exfoliation and then you won’t overdo it by accident, mine is Friday, in preparation for the weekend!

In the stressful world we live in today, there’s something very soothing and restorative about an Epsom salt bath and a face mask to make you feel more relaxed and improve your skin at the same time. Face masks have become the foundation of any smart skin care routine.

No matter how tired, stressed, broken-out, or dehydrated your skin may be, there's a mask to help it recover and return your natural glow. But it can be hard to determine which facial mask is right for your skin. Dr Coleman did the homework for you, rounding up the best masks on the market for every skin type and need.

Masques / Exfoliators
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Dr. Coleman says
This peptide rich neck cream combats ageing, rough and crepey skin on the neck and décolletage area, helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boosting firmness and elasticity.

It has a lovely smooth and light texture, due to the high concentration of shea butter and soaks in well.

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Ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles.



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