Sun Protection

DON'T STOP JUST BECAUSE THE SUN'S NOT SHINING ......Sun protection is more than just a daily necessity. Would you ever leave the house without washing your teeth? Well, sun protection for your skin is even more important. People are always sitting in my surgery saying "I don’t have sunscreen on because I’m not going out today!!” Unless you’re living in a cave, once the sun rises, you’re getting UVA exposure through windows whether you go out or not. 

Habit is far more successful than resolution so just get in the habit of applying a generous quantity of moisturiser with good UVA and UVB block to face, neck and chest every single morning of the year, hail, rain or shine. The more Zinc Oxide, which has the widest range of protection against harmful rays, the better. Add arms and legs routinely from Mar-Oct and you'll avoid those unsightly big brown sunspots.

In my 32 years of practise as a dermatologist, I have seen phenomenal changes in people’s skin of all ages with this simple habit. Furthermore, if you are investing in your skin with expensive clinic treatments, don’t waste your money by skimping on the sun protection.

The best sunscreen for you is the one you can commit to wearing everyday. Most importantly, wearing sunscreen is the easiest way to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. Furthermore, the sun is responsible for 80% of ageing. To prove this to yourself, compare the skin on your buttock (unless you’re a nudey sunbather !) with that on your face. 

Sun damaged skin can quite often develop deep wrinkles, inflammation and age spots, not to mention the rising incidence of skin cancer. Pigmentation is the new wrinkle and clear, pigment-free radiant skin is far healthier and more attractive looking at every age than blemished tanned skin. 

"Most sunblocks give you about 2-3 hrs full protection, after that your skin is basically 'naked' to the sun" - Nurse Elis. With proper sunscreen application and even more importantly, reapplication, you can protect yourself every day and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. 

There's no such thing as sunblock failure, just human failure !

Dr Coleman application tip: Don't just rely on one layer of sun cream, layer it up eg in the morning I apply Revision Intellishade Clear SPF50 as my morning moisturiser (for the past 17 years!), followed by either Dermaquest, Heliocare Mineral Tolerance Fluid or Skinceuticals Mineral Radiance (depending on my level of activity in or out of doors). I can't get enough protection........


Sun Protection
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