Neck & Chest

The face is often the focus of our anti-ageing efforts. But neglecting the neck and chest area can make you appear significantly older than you actually are. Since the skin on the neck is some of the thinnest on the body, it develops signs of ageing quicker than most, meaning it needs just as much attention (if not more!) as our faces but we usually only notice this a decade later! 

Another issue with the chest area is the tendency to get spots with any heavy creams at all. You’ll usually get away with bringing your face serum down to your neck but not always so for the chest with your richer nighttime moisturisers.

The neck and chest also tend to be more sensitive to the active ingredients glycolic acid and retinol and may or may not tolerate them, even when there’s no problem using them on your face.

It is essential to think of your face, neck and chest as a single area when it comes to your daily application of sun protection since the V of the chest is exposed to UV all year long. You’re not saving money skimping on these areas!

Years of patient experience has armed Dr Coleman with the knowledge to both prevent and reverse signs of ageing in this delicate area. Here’s some of her top products to effectively treat all that visible wear and tear along the neckline.

Neck & Chest
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