Biologique Recherche Collagene Originel Serum Authentique

Biologique Recherche Collagene Originel Serum Authentique

Dr Coleman says: A super hydrating serum which makes the skin feel smooth and nourished. I use it after Serum Amniotique for an extra boost of hydration at night.

Collagène Originel is a powerful daily-use product that treats skin aging and wrinkles from the inside out. It effectively minimizes established fine wrinkles.

With Collagène Originel, Biologique Recherche has created a powerful formula with Type-0 collagen—a patented active ingredient derived from marine biotechnology—at its heart. Using this ingredient, this highly effective new product boosts the four essential types of collagen (I, III, IV, and VII) to stimulate any collagen already present in the skin. By operating at the gene and protein levels, Collagène Originel redensifies the skin in three dimensions, effectively reducing the length and intensity of wrinkles and revitalizing the dermal-epidermal junction.

Another central ingredient, extract of silene is taken from a rare, delicate Mediterranean plant and counteracts the effect of aging by helping skin regain its youthful biomechanical properties. It promotes the expression of certain proteins to restore skin firmness and reduce wrinkles.

Collagène Originel also includes green microalgae as a redensifying platform. Rich in proteins and essential nutrients, the extract stimulates major components of the skin and helps it regain density, tone, and firmness. Its effects are further bolstered by the addition of soybean glycopeptides in the Collagène Originel formula.

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