Biologique Recherche Colostrum VG Sérum Authentique 30 ml

Biologique Recherche Colostrum VG Sérum Authentique 30 ml

Who its for
Very dehydrated, alipidic and devitalised and/or mature Skin

Colostrum VG is an intensive lipid restoring care product that strengthens the skin barrier to reduce dryness on the surface and maintain in-depth hydration. Its formula provides the hydration and fats required to restore the water content of the epidermis by repairing the damaged protective lipid film.  Instantly nourished, the skin is softer and feels comfortable.

Dr Coleman says: 
This rich white serum replaces the previous coloured version of Colostrum which had a very strong odour for some individuals - me included - this is odourless !. It has become my favourite hydrating serum, mainly used by me at night or if my skin feels very dehydrated. It's not sticky and my skin feels softer after use. It can be used in conjunction with other serum, always starting with the thinnest/most watery serum first eg I would apply Serum Amniotique before Serum Colostrum.

How to use:
Lightly massage approximately 5 drops of Serum Colostrum VG into clean skin over the entire face, neck and décolleté until the product has been completely absorbed.




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