Biologique Recherche Elastine Serum Authentique, 30ml

Biologique Recherche Elastine Serum Authentique, 30ml

Who it's for Mature skin. Dry skin.

Dr Coleman says
I love this as my nightime serum under my Creme Masque Vernix moisturiser or glycolic cream.  It is particularly hydrating in the delicate eye area without causing puffiness. This improved serum has a more efficient formulation and botanical only ingredients. It’s a true anti-wrinkle product that stimulates the synthesis of elastin, the protein responsible for skin tissue and elasticity. 

How to use
Apply a few drops of serum every morning and/or evening to a clean face, on the entire face, neck, and décolleté. Gently massage using ascending movements until product is completely absorbed.

Categories: Anti-aging, Serum

Marine exopolysaccharide from the Iroise Sea, Hylauronic acid, Elastin fragment, Complex of matrikines.



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