Dermaroller HC 902 & Roller Cleaner Set
Dermaroller HC 902 & Roller Cleaner Set

Dermaroller HC 902 & Roller Cleaner Set

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Dr Coleman says  
Regular microneedling supports younger-looking skin by targeting the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and uneven texture. I use this at-home tool a few times a week as part of my own skincare routine. Best used at night on well cleansed skin (no fake tan) on the face, neck and chest, or indeed any skin anywhere. You can expect a slight tingle/prick when applied to the skin and minor redness for the first 30mins after use. There is a lovely feeling of increased blood flow to the skin afterwards.

The stainless steel 0.2mm needles are a safe and appropriate depth for home use.

They say each roller head lasts for about 50 treatments but it totally depends on how much you use it. I just change it when it feels blunt as unless you don’t feel it pricking the skin, it isn’t !!

Who it's for: Anyone who wants to reduce fine lines, pore size and pigmentation !!


Use the cleaner after every use to avoid infection.

How to use
Section your face off into four areas: forehead, cheeks, lips/chin, and neck/chest. Roll vertically, diagonally and horizontally 2-3 times per each section.



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