Hydropeptide Power Serum 30 ml

Hydropeptide Power Serum 30 ml

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Who its for Suitable for all skin types, especially those with signs of aging,  expression lines, wrinkles and/or loss of facial skin tone and sagging. Active ingredients include a variety of 6 collagen enhancing peptide complexes, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and UV protectors.

Dr Coleman says This light serum soaks in quickly and provides a nice feeling of tone and firmness to the skin. Sunscreen, moisturisers and make up all sit nicely on top. With continued use over a period of months, fine lines will diminish. It also increases hydration.

How to use  Apply a small amount to a clean face and neck. May be used in the AM & PM. Follow with appropriate moisturiser and sunscreen.

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