HydroPeptide Triple Acid Peptide Peel 30 ml

HydroPeptide Triple Acid Peptide Peel 30 ml

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Who its for Appropriate for all skin types, especially sun-damaged aging skin. It's main aim is to improve dullness and reduce pigmentation.

Dr Coleman says Personally I don't get any obvious peeling from this product so don't let the name frighten you. Apply at night, under your moisturiser, a few times a week for an extra boost of our favourite antioxidant vitamin C and to achieve a brightening effect on your skin. Contains peptides, vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy acids in low concentrations, and soothing botanicals. 

How to use  Apply a small amount to a cleansed face in the evening 2-3 times per week. Follow with a serum and moisturiser of choice . A little goes a long way. Rinse off the following morning. Always use SPF the following morning 

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