The Ultimate Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The Ultimate Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

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Luxury mulberry silk, 19 momme, the ideal weight for a pillowcase. Eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, luxurious feel. Generous envelope closure for easy tucking and smooth finish.

Dr Coleman says: 
If you haven't tried sleeping on a silk pillowcase, start today - it's addictive. It feels cool and soft under your face throughout the night. Y
our skin loses less moisture and skincare product to your pillow, it minimizes friction on your skin, especially for side or face sleepers and your skin doesn't stick to it like a cotton pillowcase. A silk pillowcase is both hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, so it’s seriously skin-protective. I have to admit I now take one with me on holidays !!

It is also an ideal luxurious gift.

Good for Hair: 
A fantastic added benefit is that it really helps keep your hair smoother, and extends the life of your blowdry, which is why top hairdressers recommend a silk pillowcase to their clients also.

How do I care for my Silk Pillowcase?
It's very easy to care for in the delicates cycle on your washing machine. 



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