Priori DNA Intense Recovery Cream
Priori DNA Intense Recovery Cream

Priori DNA Intense Recovery Cream

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Shield by day, repair by night.

Dr Coleman says:  This luscious balm provides advanced broad range protection against environmental, blue light and UV stress, for 24-hour care down to the DNA. Formulated with high-powered DNA repair enzymes to help repair and reverse skin damage at the cellular level. A multiple-formula-in-one, this hydrating skin booster moisturises and calms without congesting your skin.  It leaves no oily residue. 

  • DNA Repair Enzymes to help skin cells recover from environmental damage. 
  • Butterfly Bush extract (Soliberine) to protect against modern days aggressors such as electronics, urban life and outdoors.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E – favourite skin ingredients that stimulate collagen production and help prevent premature skin ageing, hydrate and soothe the skin all day.

    Nurse Ciara's review: I loved Priori DNA Intense Recovery Cream : Very good for oil prone skin, hydrating but not greasy and absorbs really well. It didn't congest my skin which is prone to congestion, great for oily ageing skin like mine!!! 

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